lunes, 24 de octubre de 2016

Highlights for the week ending October 15th

Communication Program:
Local newspaper “El Nuevo Día” published an article on October 10th about our new Executive Director, Brenda Torres, MEM & LEED AP. The reporter underlined Brenda Torres’ academic and work experience. Moreover, the article highlighted Mrs. Torres’ vision for the restoration work ahead, ones that focuses on environmental and social justice for the San Juan Bay Estuary watershed. 

Here's the article:

10.15.2016. Education Program
On Saturday, October 17th, SJBEP Education Manager, Javier Cardona, headed several workshops for a group of eighteen (18) teachers. Our Executive Director, Brenda Torres, MEM & LEED AP, opened the estuarine education workshop describing what an estuary is and the importance of the SJBEP. AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer, Laura Fidalgo, MSc., walked the audience through the various projects that our organization is currently undertaking. Our historian, Ruth García Ph.D, led a workshop about the communities adjacent to the Martín Peña Channel; their past, current and future challenges. The SJBEP Water Quality Monitoring Coordinator, Harold Manrique, MSc., provided Water Quality sampling exercises in the San Juan Bay.  Lastly, Javier Cardona, AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteers Laura Fidalgo and Laura Horta, led an educational, social and environmental field trip by the San Juan Bay and La Perla community.

Green Flag for the Condado Lagoon
On Thursday, October 13th the San Juan Bay Estuary Program monitored the Condado Lagoon as part of the Condado Lagoon Estuarine Reserve Enterococcus Monitoring Project. On average the reserve meet the federal standards of 35CFU/100mL reporting a total of 32.21CFU/100mL.
 Link to the report:

Highlights for the week ending October 8th

A flora inventory was performed at the proposed area for the Agricultural Market of Caimito as a request by SJBEP’s community leader of the community of Caimito, Mr. Juan Cruz. Our AmeriCorps VISTA, Laura Fidalgo, visited the area with Mr. Cruz and identified eleven (11) common tree species of secondary forest. Our gratitude goes to Mr. Juan Cruz for being such a committed Estuarine Guardian in his community of Caimito.


06.10.2016 Education Program and Visitor Center
SJBEP Visitor Center received a group of students from Timoteo Delgado School in Hatillo.  A group of forty students learned about the history of the Martín Peña Channel and its surrounding communities, the environmental and social issues in this region and the importance of the dredging of the channel. Also, our Education Manager, Javier Cardona, attended the student in an educational and environmental field trip through the San Juan Bay and Old San Juan. During the trip the students participated in water quality monitoring activities, beach cleanups and other activities along the coastal region of the Old San Juan.

07.10.2016 Educational Field Trips
The SJBEP welcomed fifteen (15) environmental science and biology students from the University of Puerto Rico High School. Those students enjoyed a wonderful educational trip that began with a short workshop in our Visitor Center. The students and teachers interacted in the field and learned about the San Juan Estuary Program, the flora and fauna and the importance of the work performed by our volunteers.  The students had the opportunity to do water monitoring activities, beach cleanups, as well as categorization of various types of debris or solid waste found in the shoreline. Our Coordinator of the Water Quality Volunteer Monitoring Program, Harold Manrique, and the historian of the SJBEP, Ruth García Pantaleón,  helped our Education Manager, Javier Cardona, in this activity.

Green Flag for the Condado Lagoon
This week, enterococcus readings for the Condado Lagoon complied with the federal standard.
Here's the link to the report: